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About Steve

Breed: Papillon

Age: 6 years old

New Update: Steve is on trial with a new home

We rescued this very special boy from a private situation four weeks ago.  We were shocked when we first saw him as he had a massive wound which, due to lack of proper treatment, had developed over considerable time to a point where he was in enormous pain.  It was heart-breaking to see this tiny dog with a wound which covered such a large area of his small body that it was uncertain if he would be able to heal.  

 We knew he could not stay at the adoption centre, recovery would take weeks not days and he would need very special round-the-clock care to even have a chance.  We contacted our wonderful vet Laura and asked her if she would examine him and take him into foster if she believed proceeding was an option and that is exactly what she did.    The rest of this story is one of love, joy and second chances…  everybody say hello to Steve!!

 Steve is now a happy, bouncy, playful, energetic ball of cuteness 

 He has been very calm around the cats in the vet clinic and if not already cat friendly is definitely cat trainable.  He is good with other dogs although he wants to be the boss. He adores Laura’s big Huntaway cross called Jack (also a very special Dogwatch case) and follows him around wanting to play.  Jack is a submissive, gentle boy who is not too sure about this little fire-cracker who does zoomies around the back lawn and thinks keeping out of Steve’s way is the best option.

Steve sleeps happily in a crate at night but also likes the bed if that is an option.  He is 95% house trained though still needs some vigilance especially on cold rainy days when outside is less appealing.

Steve needs an active owner who can give him oodles of love, reasonable exercise and daytime company.  At the moment he is a little itchy which may calm down as he continues to recover, it is too early to tell if he has skin/allergy issues but whoever adopts him would have to be aware that this is a possibility.

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